It’s kind of funny…

Now that I think about it, who you are hasn’t ever once been enough.

No matter how much I reassure you, that you are beautiful to me in every way,
It’s not enough.

And you search for the attention you crave else where. Often times with negative impact upon what I assume is your current slice of happiness.

Figure your shit out.
I’m done constantly reassuring you that you are enough.
I shouldn’t have to.

If you can’t love yourself,…
There’s no way you love me yet.
Not like I need.
Not like you need.

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I’ve noticed…

That I take long absences from my “blog” due to certain situations in my life.

Only when I’m really upset or lost do I come here to post and vent.

But when I have something to keep me distracted,…
Someone to keep me occupied,…

Nothing else seems to matter.



Things that I write:

  • Sins

Things that I don’t write:

  • Tragedies

Things people haven’t heard of

  • Closing the god damn door

Things the Bride is:

  • A whore

Things I wouldn’t be caught dead in: 

  • This Place

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